Teaching and Research Close to Practice

Period: January 2015- December 2018

What we do

Cooperation takes place on three levels:

At implementation level:

Strengthen existing graduate and post-graduate courses through input from industry and making them responsive to the job market. Test and implement small biogas plants in rural areas and connect different energy sources to a micro grid (Main partners involved: Sunlabob, REHAU, NUOL, CICD).

At planning level:

GIS tools and techniques will be introduced and implemented to analyse and monitor the potential and the existing and planned use of renewable energy resources (Main partners involved: GI Geoinformatik, EDL-GEN, NUOL, CICD).

At organizational level:

The cooperation between LNCCI, private sector and Universities will be improved by facilitating a sustainable technology transfer between universities and industry using best practice examples (Main partners involved: NUOL, LNCCI, BVMW, ECCIL, CICD).