Teaching and Research Close to Practice

Period: January 2015- December 2018

Our Focal Areas

The main objective is to intensify relations between Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Uni-versity partners to guarantee a practical oriented education that answers the needs of the coun-try in the fast growing energy sector. Further, exceptional research areas will be identified in which students can undertake their Bachelor, Masters and PhD Thesis in cooperation with pri-vate sector as well as public service. Following specific objectives are assigned to four work packages:

  1. To identify and strengthen existing graduate and post-graduate courses through input from industry where students are attached to work on issues affecting the industry, making them responsive to private sector job market.

  2. To develop research agendas related to the energy sector that answer to industry's research development and innovation, as well as to regional development plans. One focal area will be the testing and setup of micro biogas plants.

  3. To establish a direct exchange between Universities and private sector by organizing internships, organizing a joint training of trainers program, and defining common research areas at the universities. A communication and linkage desk shall be established at the Chambers of Commerce to streamline and guide activities.

  4. To identify public service opportunities for internships through building of dialogue networks among university faculties, chambers and industry partners.