Master Programme in Hydraulic Engineering

Period: January 2015- December 2018

Main activities:

  1. Exchange of regional lecturers to maintain the international character of the master's programme and expose lectures to a new environment
  2. Course teaching by international teachers
  3. Drafting new and evaluation of teaching materials
  4. Regular evaluation of programme by external (regional and international) peers
  5. Offering of selected teaching modules by German partners
  6. Regular organisation of science days at NUOL with the presentation of master thesis re-search for attracting professionals to link with the university
  7. Establishing network webpage and online discussion forum on regional EE topics
  8. Establishing a network webpage for visibility and regional advertising
  9. Publish topics for thesis research for attracting students
  10. Study visits to Germany for selected lecturers
  11. Coaching of NUOL lecturers through regional colleagues