Master Programme in Hydraulic Engineering

Period: January 2015- December 2018

Curriculum Structure:

In preparation of the proposal the following preliminary design of a curriculum has been discussed. The National University of Laos Credit Transfer System shall be applied. The master programme shall have a load of (75 CR). The master programme is planned as part time studies to give the students the possibility to work in parallel. Therefore the duration will be 3 years. including thesis. The teaching language will be English.

The master programme composes of 3 sets of courses: basic and common core courses as well as specializing, common advanced modules and project courses. While the basic courses during the first and second semester in first year aim to level and consolidate the basic engineering knowledge of all students, the common core courses during the second semester in first year until up to the first semester in second year are focused to the different topics related to the proper handling and better management of hydraulic engineering issues on the one side or ecological engineering issues on the other. The last (first/second) semester in last (third) year includes the project modules. Here the students will leave the university for write their master dissertation.