Name Prof. Dr. Sounthone PHOMMASONE
Current position and field of Teaching Professor in mathematics, Director of Research Office, Lecture
Academic carrier Title Institution Time

Ph. D. in Physics Mathematics

Rostov on Don University (Russia)


Lecturer (Math for Business and economics, Math for engineering, Financial Math, Statistics for researchers) for Master Level students National University of Laos 2009 - present
Lecturer (Functional analysis, Differential equations and complex analysis for Bachelor and Master Level students in mathematics) National University of Laos 1996 - 2009
Lecturer (Programming, statistics and Mathematics) National Polytechnic Institute 1990 - 1996
Job in Private business


Research and Development projects of the last 5 years

1. “The spectral characteristic of the Sturm-Liouville’s operator”

2. Financial analysis.

3. Advisor for Master level students in Financial management, Business Administration, Economics and Mathematics.

Cooperation with Industry in the last 5 years None
Patents and trademark rights None

5 publications

Activity in Professional Organizations during the last 5 years Organizations Function Time period

1. Member of Educational reform Math subcommittee

1. Develop math curriculum for secondary school

Since 2007

2. Member of Academic Advisory Committee for Asia Research CenterĀ  at NUOL 2. Screening and approve the NUOL research projects
Duration of teaching work contact  
Overall teaching workload (teaching hour per week) 3/12/2011-24/3/2012
Teaching workload for the master course Totally, four 3-credit courses per year by module mode
Involvement in other study program