Name Assoc. Prof. Sombath  VORAVONGSA
Current position and field of Teaching

Associate Professor
Solid waste Management specialist And Trained on Environmental Engineering Solid waste Management of Urban Development

Academic carrier Title Institution Time
Master of Science in Environmental Engineering Lenin University of Tasken (USSR) 1981 - 1987
Lecturer ( Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics ) National Polytechnic Institute Lao PDR 1987 - 1990
Lecturer( Water supply Engineering and Design ) National Polytechnic Institute Lao PDR and Institute of Technology in Cambodia (ITC) 1990 - 1995
Lecturer (Waste Water Engineering and Design ) National Polytechnic Institute Lao PDR 1995 - 2003
Lecturer (Solid Waste Management and Air Pollution )

Faculty of Engineering
National University of Laos

2003 - Present
Job in Private business

Technical advisor

Project Engineer for Evaluation of Solid Waste Management principles and Design Management Issues

1999 - 2000
Construction Engineer and freelance Consultant Solid Waste Management Systems Projects in Vientiane Capital (Km7 )  2004-2005
Research and Development projects of the last 5 years
  1. Study the Environmental impact in Land Fill located Km 32 Vientiane Capital  (Case study characteristics of Leachate )  The Korea Education Advanced Studies    ( KFAS ) (2002-2003)
  2. The Solid Waste Deposit Land Fill area for TheunHinBoun  Power Plant’s Operation Village  ( 1989-1990 )
  3. Study on sedimentation of Mekong River ( Case study Sayabury Province )   The Korea  Education Advanced ( KFAS ) (2008-2009 )
Cooperation with Industry in the last 5 years


Patents and trademark rights None
  1. Study The Environmental Impact in Land Fill , Located Km 32 Vientiane Capital (Case study Characteristic of Leachate)  ( KFAS publication )
  2. Application of GIS For Solid Waste Management in Vientiane Capital (Case study ThongKhanKham Village)
Activity in Professional Organizations during the last 5 years Organizations Function Time period
Solid Waste Management,Engineering  principales and Design and Management Issues

Technical Promotion and Training group

2007 - present
Duration of teaching work contact  
Overall teaching workload (teaching hour per week) 9-12 hour/ week depending on semesters
Teaching workload for the master course None
Involvement in other study program

Training of Trainer for Nampapa Lao  Project (As Training program coordinator and  trainer  ( AIMF ))