Name Dr. Phousy INTHAPANYA
Current position and field of Teaching

Ph.D in Chemistry

Organic, environmental Chemistry & other related subject

Academic carrier Title Institution Time
Master of Science in Chemistry Kishinev State University, Republic of Moldova 1976 - 1982
Lecturer in Chemistry National Pedagogical University, Lao PDR 1982 - 1989
Ph.D Candidate Kishinev State University,  Republic of Moldova 1989 - 1994
Researcher in Crystallography Tokyo Institute of technology 1994 - 1995
Lecturer in chemistry & related field Faculty of Science, National University of Laos 1995 - Present
Job in Private business

SIA, EIA & water quality before dam construction survey

Lao Consultant & Management Co.Ltd
Mek Consult Co.Ltd

1996 - Present
Research and Development projects of the last 5 years

Development Project

  1. Nam Leak Hydropower
  2. Nam Mo hydropower
  3. Nam Gniep hydropower
  4. Nam Kong hydropower
  5. Sekong 4 hydropower
  6. Nam Tuen 1 hydropower

Mining Survey

  1. Survey SIA & IEA of Gold mining Gold mining Sepone, Savannakhet Province.
  2. Survey SIA & IEA of Gold mining Sanakham district
  3. EIA of Antimony exploitation, Luangprabang Province
  4. IEE  of Zinc mining, Vientiane Province
Cooperation with Industry in the last 5 years

Tokyo Coin industry, Vientiane Capital

Patents and trademark rights None
  1. Organic Carbon & Carbonate Chemistry in Nam Theun Basi
  2. Comparison of Mercury in Channa striata, Clarias batrachus and Imported see food
  3. A Baseline Study of TOC and Heavy metal on Nam Mo River
  4. Estimation of Carbohydrate in Rice & Tubercules
  5. Mercury Contamination in Nam Gnuane, Nam Kad & Nam Gnam River, Xieng Khuang Province
  6. Water Quality in Sebang Hieng & Sekok River
  7. Arsenic and other elements contamination in groundwater
  8. Environmental Quality of  Vangvieng District
Activity in Professional Organizations during the last 5 years Organizations Function Time period

LEM Consultan Co. Ltd
Mek Consultant Co. Ltd
Lao Earth System Co. Ltd

Surveyor & Technical advisor 1996 to present time
Duration of teaching work contact  
Overall teaching workload (teaching hour per week) 6 hours/week
Teaching workload for the master course  
Involvement in other study program

Faculty of Environmental Science