Name Archan. Ladomchanh KHANTRY
Current position and field of Teaching

Director of the Laos-India Center for English Language Training
Teaching EAP courses for MA. and BA students

Academic carrier Title Institution Time

Master of Arts in TESOL

UTS, NSW, Australia

1996 - 1997

Food Safety& Food Handling (Intensive Training) Australian Mission 2005
Work Safety (Intensive Training) Aged Care Centre 2008
Job in Private business Advertising Company (Part-time work) Victoria, Australia 2006
Fast Food Restaurant (Part-time work) Victoria, Australia 2008-2009
Aged Care Centre (Part-time work) Victoria, Australia 2008-2009
Research and Development projects of the last 5 years

Need Analysis for Developing Syllabus in English Department
Classroom Action Researches:
- Writing Frame Work: Students’ real lives for effective writing
- Authentic Sources: stories to motivate students to do extensive reading

Cooperation with Industry in the last 5 years

1. Southern Cross University, Australia for organizing IELTS course for NUOL Staff

2. Vientiane College for IELTS Courses

Patents and trademark rights None
Publications - English Text books for Faculty of Economic and Management

- English textbooks for English Department

Activity in Professional Organizations during the last 5 years Organizations Function Time period

- Teacher Training Course for Army teachers



- Teacher Training Course for University teachers From Luangprabang 2010
- Lao TESOL Conference Yearly  
Duration of teaching work contact 3/12/2011-24/3/2012
Overall teaching workload (teaching hour per week) 28 hours/week
Teaching workload for the master course 3 hours/week
Involvement in other study program Teacher Training and IELTS Training