Full Name Prof. Dr. Khamphone Nanthavong
Title/Position Professor, PhD
Field of expertise Renewable Energy Conversion Technologies 

Faculty of Engineering, National University of Laos


Watnak. Lao-Thai Friendship road. Vientiane Capital. Lao PDR
Tel.: (856-21) 351084, Fax: (856-21) 314382.
Mobile: (856-20) 5414327
E-mail: khamphon@fe-nuol.edu.lahttp//:


Language proficiency


Speaking Writing Understanding
English 3 4 4
Russian 4 5 5
Vietnamese 4 5 5
Academic carrier Title Institution Time
Lecturer (energy related field) Faculty of Engineering National University of Laos 1996 - Present
Lecturer (energy related field) National Polytechnic Institute, Lao PDR 1994 - 1996
Ph.D. researcher Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russian Federation 1989 - 1994
Lecturer (Physics) National Polytechnic Institute, Lao PDR 1984 - 1988
Master of Science in Physics and Mathematics

Kishinev State University
Republic of Moldova

1978 - 1984
Research and Development projects
  1. Design and Promotion of Simple Solar dryer for drying of agriculture products. Supported by Participatory and Development Training Centre (PADETC Lao), 1996-97
  2. Study on current situation of the micro hydropower projects in Northern provinces of Lao PDR (Financial support by PADETC). 1999.
  3. Documentary research “Renewable energy as an alternative for rural electrification in remote areas of Lao PDR”. Visiting researcher, Ajou University (Rep. of Korea), Financial Support by The Korean Foundation for Advanced Studies (KFAS) (2004-2005)
  4. “Study on Potential and Feasibility of Solar energy and biomass in Lao PDR”. Funded by the European Commission within Asia Pro ECO programs (2005-2006)
  5. “Promotion of the efficient use of Renewable energies in developing countries” with focus on Lao PDR and Kingdom of Cambodia (REEPRO). Funded by European Intelligent Energy (EIE) within the COOPNER program (2007-2009). www.reepro.info
Experiences with International organizations' projects
  • “Production and Dissemination of the Improved Thai Bucket stoves in Lao PDR”. Conducted by PADETC with financial support from FAO (Bangkok office), 1997-99 (involved as project technical adviser)
  • Small scale enterprises on rural electrification”. Public Private Partnership project in Promotion of Solar PV for rural electrification in remote areas of Lao PDR. Jointly Conducted by Sunlabob Rural Energy system Co.LTD and Technology research Institute in cooperation with the German Technical Cooperation GTZ (2002-05). (Involved as director for the training programs)
  • “Access to Energy: Assessment of policies, capacities, and knowledge repositories at National level”. Lao PDR Country paper for the Regional Energy Program for Poverty Reduction (REP-PoR), UNDP (2005) (involved as National Consultant)
  • Policy Study on Impact of Rising Oil Prices on the Poor and the Implications for the Achievement of the MDGs. Final Report. Volume V: National assessment- Lao PDR (joint research project with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI, India)
  • “Diagnostic Study on potential and feasibility of renewable energies in South-East Asia”.  ASIA PRO ECO project (as project partner). www.dgs.de  (2005). Published by Ó Ortbit Association Orbit 2006
  • E2M Environmental Engineering and Management-Establishment of a Master program”. Asia Link project  (involved as a lecturer for subjects: Renewable energy resources, and Solar energy engineering, also as student final thesis supervisor). (2006-08)
  • Promotion of Efficient use of Renewable energies in developing countries”. EIE / Coopener project. Involved as local project partner and training coordinator) www.reepro.info  (2007-09)
  • “Institutional partnership for Sustainable Energy Futures project” (ICI project) between Faculty of Engineering (National University of Laos) and Finland Futures Research Centre (Turku School of Economics). Involved as NUOL ICI project team leader. www.mekong.fi (2009)
  • ETC-LIRE Pico-hydropower innovation and capacity building program. Lao Institute for Renewable energy. Involved as technical adviser (2009) 
  • Finnish-funded project: "Renewable energy strategy Development for Lao PDR" (2009-1010). Involved as trainer of training on Renewable energy Technologies in 3 selected provinces (Sekong, Phongsaly and Houaphanh). 
  1. Solar Energy Engineering. Textbook for Engineers. Faculty of Engineering. 2008.
  2.  “Renewable energy as an alternative for rural electrification in remote areas of Lao PDR”. Asia Research Network (KFAS publication).
  3. “Study on Potential and Feasibility of Solar energy and biomass in Lao PDR”. Project report. www.dgs.de
  4. REEPRO Training manuals on Solar energy, Photovoltaic systems for trainers level 1 (expert) and level 2 (technician); www.reepro.info