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4th batch of Master Degree Program in English on
"Environmental Engineering and Management"

3rd batch of Master Degree Program in English on
"Environmental Engineering and Management"

  • Basic Courses
  • Common Core Courses
  • Specialising Courses
  • Practical Training and Master Dissertation
  • List of Elective Courses

  • Credit Course Title Lecturer  
    (1st Year, Semester 1) Basic Courses
    5 English Ajan. Ladomchanh Khantry  
    5 Mathematics Prof. Dr. Sounthone Phommasone  
    5 Research Methodology Prof. Dr. Boualinh Soysouvanh  
    5 Hydrogeology Assoc. Prof. Nhinxay Visan  
    5 Field Assessment Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sengdeuane Wayakone  
    5 Introduction to Environment Engineering Dr. Aphisayyadeth Insisiengmay  
    2.5 Introduction to Programming Dr. Bui Quoc Lap  
    5 Environmental Impact Assessment Dr. Alice Sharp / Dr.Bounheng Southichak  
    (1st Year,Semester 2) Common Core Courses
    2.5 Project Management Ajan. Pipong Phimphachanh  
    5 Applies Hydraulics Prof. Dr. Horlacher  
    5 Material Cycle Management Assoc. Prof. Korakanh Pasomsouk  
    5 Environmental Management and Technologies Dr. Bounsouk Souksavath  
    2.5 Renewable Energy Prof. Dr. Khamphone Nanthavong  
    5 Hydrology and Hydraulic Computer Modeling Dr. Khamfeuane Sioudom  
    2.5 Presentation and Writing Skill Prof. Dr. Boualinh Soysouvanh
    (2nd Year, Semester 3) Specialising Courses
    Option I Water Engineering
    5 Integrated Water Resources Management Dr. Lanh  
    5 Environmental Chemistry Dr. Vu Duc  
    5 Waste Water Engineering Assoc. Prof. Sombath Voravongsa  
    2.5 Elective courese Inviting or NUOL  
    Option II Ecological Engineering
    5 Air and Noise Pollution Dr. Khamfeuane Sioudom  
    5 Solid & Hazardous Waste Management  Assoc. Prof. Sombath Voravongsa  
    5 Industrial Pollution Control Dr. Sandhya Babel / Dr. Bounheng Southichak  
    2.5 Elective courese Inviting or NUOL  
    All Option : Common Advanced Courses
    5 Remote Sensing + GIS Dr. Hoang Thanh Tung / Ajan. Chankhachone Sonemanivong  
    2.5 Environmental Law Dr. Alice Sharp / Prof. Dr. Boualinh Soysouvanh  
    2.5 Development Studies Assoc. Prof. Dr. Damdouane Khouangvichith
    (2nd Year, Semester 4) Practical Training and Master Dissertation
    7.5 Internship / Practical Training Prof. Dr. Hubert Roth / Dr. Khamfeuane Sioudom  
    20 Master Dissertation All Professor concerned  

    Elective Courses:
    Environment and Fine Art
    Water Supply Engineering
    Wastewater Engineering Design
    Environmental Engineering Laboratory II
    Environmental Remediation
    Resource Recycling Technology
    Urban Environment
    Environmental education
    Integrated sanitation management
    Integrated watershed management
    Protection of the environment

    Remark:  Lecture 15 Hrs. per week  
    Friday 3 Hrs.@16.00-19.00,
    Saturday 6 Hrs.@ 9.00-12.00 & 13.00-16.00
    Sunday 6 Hrs.@ 9.00-12.00 & 13.00-16.00
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