E2M III (2013):

1. Study on an Improvement of Solid Waste Management in Luangprabang City, Lao PDR Mr. Bounpakone PHONGPHICHIT
2. Understanding the influence of suspended solids on water quality and aquatic biota at Huay Xone River Basin, Na Xai Thong District, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR Mr. Chonglor VANGXENG
3. Gold Mining Gold Mining-Processing Industrial Wastewater Pollution Control at Nathao dustrial Village, Phonsavanh area, Pek District, Xiengkhouang province, Lao PDR Mr. Chukue SONGMUNG
4. . Mr. Khamfeng DOUNDAOHEUANG
5. . Mr. Khamkhong BOUATHIPANH
6. . Mr. Lorvong XAIYENG
7. Flood Risk Analysis and Risk Management in lower Xedone Mr. Oulaphone ONGKEO
8. . Mr. Sitthixay SOUKHASEUM
9. Promoting and Management of Organic Waste Through Vermi Composting In a village of Vientiane capital city Mr. Siviengxay CHANTHAVONG
10. . Mr. Soukthanva KEOKHAMPHET
11. . Ms. Dalunny BOUNEYEUNE
12. Study on Cumulative Impact Assessment for Mining Development Projects in Laos A Case Study on Water Quality Impact Assessment for Potassium Salt Project in Takek District, Khammouan Province Ms. Thipthida SISOULATH
13. A study on factors causing the reduction in number of non-motorized transport users in Vientiane, Lao PDR Ms. Xaysomnuk SOUVANNAVONG
14. . Ms. Xaysomphone SOUVANNAVONG

E2M II (2011):

1. Study on Quantity and Composition of Solid Waste in Pakse District Market, Champasack Province. Mr. Bounlap PHETHANY
2. Assessment of Current and Future Water Balance during Dry season in Nam Ngum River Basin. Mr. Bounpanh THEPPHAVONG
3. Solid waste Generation and Physical Composition Analysis on Xaisetha district, Vientiane Capital. Mr. Khamseng ALY
4. Decentralized Wastewater Treatment for Households in Vientiane Capital City, Laos; A Case Study: Viengchalern Village, Xaysetha District. Mr. Khamva OUNXAIYABOUN
5. Compensation Process, Impact of 115kv Transmission Line to Steel Factory Project on Asset of people. Mr. Phannavanh ANOULACK
6. Social Consequences Induced by Nam Ngum 1 Dam. Mr. Phathmany SOUTHAMMAVONG
7. Water Quality and Practice; A Case Study of Long Copper Mine. Mr. Phonethip PHETSOMPHOU
8. Impact Study after Construction Completed of Roads for Rural Development Project (ADB10); Paksan-Thasi. Mr. Saysomphone SOUKSIVONGXAY
9. Resettlement and Resettlers's Attitudes, A Case Study of the Nam Theun 2 Hydropower Project. Mr. Sengathit SOULINTHA
10. Evaluation of Water Quality in Nongtha Wetland. Mr. Soukaseum DALASAND
11. Evaluation of Wastewater for KPS Paper Mill. Mr. Souphandone VORAVONG
12. Water Quality Evaluation of the Wetland, Case study : Thatluang Marsh, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR. Mr. Vipaka HALSACDA
13. Identification of Wetland using Remote Sensing and GIS. A Case Study: Xe Champhone Wetland, Savannakhet Province. Mr. Virasith PHOMSOUVANH
14. Study of Air Pollution from Mobile Sources in Vientiane Capital. Mrs. Setouvanh PHANTHAVONGSA

E2M I (2008):

1. Community Participation in Solid Waste Management at Salakham Village. Mr. Anosith PHILAVONG
2. The Concept of Energy Saving House. Mr. BounOm PHIMSIPASOM
3. Low cost hand pump design for rural water supply. Mr. Keosombath SOURYADETH
4. Gravity Fed System Design in Savannakhet Province, Xepon District, Dong Village, Lao PDR. Mr. Phoummixay SIHARATH
5. Waste Management of Industrial Factory In Laos. Mr. Santiphap MEUNMANY
6. Drainage Water Quality Evaluation. Mr. Somchay VILAYCHALEUN
7. Environmental Management in Nam Mee Watershed. Mr. Sopha SOULINEYADETH
8. Quality of Bottled Drinking Water. A Case Study in Vientiane, Laos and Thailand. Mr. Syvang XAYYAVONG
9. Performance Evaluation of Lao Brewery Co., LTD Wastewater Treatment Plant. Mr. Vilakone KASIOUDOM
10. Changing Urban Land Use and Its Impact on the Environment with the use of GIS. (Case Study: Pakse District, Champasak Province, Lao PDR). Mr. Vilakone MANIPHOUSAY
11. Water Management Practices in Mining, A Case Study in Phu Kham Copper-Gold Mining, Lao PDR. Mr.Kongher HERJALEARN
12. Power Distribution System Loss Reduction Study in Medium Voltage. Ms. Phetdaleen ROGER
13. Water Quality Management for Drinking and Household Water Supply in Rural Area of Lao PDR. Ms. Sengdavanh PHONGPASEUTH
14. A Study of Magnetic Field Emission from Power Lines in Urban Area of Vientiane Municipality. Ms. Valasy CHOUNRAMANY
15. Water Quality Analysis of the Nam Theun 2 Project during Reservoir Impoundment. Ms. Vilayphone VONGPITH
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